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Kuliah Komputer di Kampus Fakultas Informasi

Kuliah Jurusan Komputer

Kuliah jurusan komputer sama juga dengan kuliah jurusan teknik informatika, di sini saya tidak membedakan keduanya karena keduanya sangat tipis bedanya. Di Universitas Budi Luhur atau Kampus Teknologi Informasi dibagi menjadi 2 jurusan yaitu Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi untuk lebih jelasnya liat http://www.budiluhur.ac.id.
Pernahkah terbayang dimata kita seperti apakah kuliah jurusan komputer itu?? Kalau menurut saya sebelum saya kuliah di Kampus Teknologi Informasi, kuliah jurusan komputer itu menangani semua urusan komputer mulai dari mengetik, memperbaiki komputer yang rusak dan lain sebagainya. Bahkan kita juga bisa membuat mesin komputer sendiri, tetapi setelah memasuki perkuliahan di Kampus Teknolgi Infromasi Budi Luhur hal itu semua berbeda sekali dengan yang saya bayangkan dan ternyata kuliah jurusan komputer itu terbagi menjadi 3 bagian sesuai yang ada di website http://www.budiluhur.ac.id . Yang pertama teknik komputer atau teknik informatika yaitu yang menangani pembuatan program-program, software atau sistem komputer. Yang kedua adalah managemen sistem informasi yaitu yang menganalisa suatu sistem komputerisasi dan yang terakhir adalah science informatika atau yang biasa disebut dengan ilmu komputerisasi yaitu yang handling semua yang berhubungan dengan otomatisasi, robotic dan lain sebagainya. 

Kampus Teknologi Informasi

Di era globalisasi seperti saat ini penggunaan teknologi informasi (TI) dalam kehidupan sehari-hari memang tak dapat diabaikan lagi. Mobilitas penduduk yang semakin cepat di setiap saat menuntut individu untuk melakukan segala sesuatu secara cepat, tepat,dan efisien. Guna menjawab tuntutan ini, penggunaan TI sudah tidak dapat lagi dilepaskan dalam setiap aspek kehidupan. Maka dari itu Universitas Budi Luhur mengunggulkan Kampus Teknologi Informasi. Agar para mahasiswa cerdas berbudi luhur dalam sikap dan kecerdasan intelektual. Mengajarkan mahasiswa akan majunya dan pesatnya perkembangan Teknologi Informasi. Dengan adanya Kampus Teknologi Informasi yang ada di Universitas Budi Luhur, kampus Budi Luhur menjadi kampus yang ternama dan kampus pertama swasta yang ada di Jakarta. Mengedepankan Kampus Teknologi Informasi yang semakin canggih dan berkembang. Dengan canggihnya jaman sekarang, jika ada pengumuman atau pendaftaran di Kampus Teknologi Informasi ini bisa membuka atau mengakses b. Di dalam posting harus terdapat link ke http://www.budiluhur.ac.id.

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150 Travellers Europe Scheduled Visit Dobo

MV. Clipper Odyssey, a cruise ship carrying 150 tourists from Europe scheduled stop in Banana Island attractions, Aru Islands, Maluku, in December 2010.

"The schedule we have received tourist visits and foreign tourists will be sailing from the island of Papua Asmat Banana kenindahan to enjoy natural scenery in Aru," said the head of culture and Parisata Aru Islands, William Bothmir are calling from Ambon on Wednesday.

The tourists from Europe will be enjoying their vacation for four hours on the island adjacent to the village Durjela, and then will continue on to the island of Tanimbar, West Southeast Maluku regency.

To welcome foreign tourists visit this plan, the Department of Culture and Tourism Aru has coordinated with agencies / institutions, including the head of the village and sub-district Durjela Aru Islands.

Tradition and Culture

One of the events and traditions that still continue to be held is AT broom stick, carried by the King together with the Foreign Affairs and Mamala Morella in Ambon - Maluku, where the event is held on every 7 (seven) days after the Day of the Great Islamic "Eid", where the hallmark event that Sweep at Lidi Aren ketubuh between opposite each other, subject to conditions and may not be on the face or parts pital opponent.
Events AT broom tradition has been going on since a few hundred years lahu in Morella and Foreign Affairs Mamala, so that almost all the people around the island of Ambon and foreign travelers who know the show is definitely solid tardisi attend and witness the event the broom AT tradition, as well as BAMBOO tradition iNSANE events are very well known by the people of Maluku and other parts of the community where the event GILA BAMBOO tradition is known is derived from the Moluccas, but there are many other areas of society that does not know what the event is called BAMBOO iNSANE, and many more events tradition Maluku who have not and are not known by the State - the State and the other in the Maluku people from other parts of the archipelago - Indonesia.


Ambon (Maluku Reuters) - various handmade leather shellfish and seed pearls are made in a variety of accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wall hangings, decorative lights attracted many participants Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race 2012.


A little hard to find food that is really typical of Ternate. Because geographically closer to North Sulawesi, of course, food Ternate heavily influenced - and also affect - a typical food of North Sulawesi. However, because of Ternate in North Maluku archipelago is a group, then surely also traditional foods easily found in Ternate, Moluccas.Almost all dishes involving walnuts Ternate, both as a spice grind, and coarsely chopped.One of the specialties of Ternate is gohu fish. That it must be complete: gohu fish. You see, if you just called gohu, it means the papaya salad is also popular in North Sulawesi. Ternate Gohu typical fish made of raw tuna. Not surprisingly, many people refer to it as sashimi Ternate.Apparently, on the coast of North Sulawesi - for example in Bitung - can also be found like this dish. His name is simply reversed: gohu fish. Perhaps this is what makes it fresh dish bears the name meaning gohu salad.

Fish Factory Berjina Aru Embarrassment

the photo above is the atmosphere in Benjia Aru fish factory at night. Quality fish sold in Thailand, while an ugly fish sold in fish sekitar.Perusahaan largest dikepulauan aru. Employees number 300 employees. Karyawal 85% local and 15% keryawan outside. But the ships there were 1000 foreign workers. Qualified local workers are not qualified. Never training 100 people by the ILO, not just those who received and still in the factory. Native aru denderung wanna work on the ground with a big salary.

Outlying Islands Aru Islands

Frontline border area is Indonesia with the international community, but in dealing with various issues, the district / city on the border, been impressed fend for themselves.Development of border areas also received less attention and is not to be an integral.Images of the area as is the case in the district of Aru Islands, Maluku province with eight outer islands that are geographically close to Australia.Eight pieces of the outer islands is Ararkula, Karaweira, Penambulai, Kultubai North, South Kultubai, Reef, ENU and Stone Shake.


Regent Aru Islands and delegation consisting of the Chief Council, Secretary of the Council, the Regional Secretariat, Head Bappeda, Kadis PU, Kadis Ministry of National Education and Sports and Executive Director of Regional development Institute (RDI) has traveled to the Netherlands on 19 s / d 22 February 2009 . Visit intended to discuss the formation of Sister City District Aru Islands and the city of Urk.

During the visits received by the Mayor's delegation Mr Urk. J. District Secretary Mr Kroon Urk. M. Bogerd and Mr. Mayor Napel Ph.ten dedicated staff.

Aru Islands regency and the city has a number of similarities Urk become strong foundation for cooperation sister city. Urk is a coastal town, a harbor and a strong infrastructure as the biggest fish distribution center in Europe, many manufacturing enterprises have ships, have superiority in the fish processing industry. Urk position as the city is also the main attraction beach attractions. The population reached 18,000 souls Urk. While the District is a coastal town of Aru Islands, most of the people working in the fisheries sector and marine products such as pearl, seaweed, and shellfish. The population reached 78,000 Aru.


Potential cooperation could dieksplor among other marketing fishery products and marine products from the Aru Islands regency Urk leveraging the role of the city as a distribution center of Europe's largest fish, the fishing capacity building, transfer of technology and knowledge in the areas of capture, storage and processing of fish .

Good regent or mayor Aru Islands Urk was pleased with the sister city dibentuknya Aru-Urk. Hoped that such cooperation would be beneficial in improving the well-being of their respective communities, encouraging business-to-Business Cooperation and inter-community relations. Furthermore both the district leaders signed Letter of Intent to the formation of twins.

During the meeting, Embassy deliver that signing the LOI is a good first step and is expected to be followed up with concrete programs and activities and doable. Therefore, activities and programs have to be designed to be implemented with a clear time table. Business to business and people to people needs to be improved, among others in the commercial fishery products and marine products that are beneficial and profitable on both sides. Urk Aru hopefully benefit as a result of fish and sea distribution and otherwise exploit Urk Aru as one of the suppliers for the products in question.

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Develop Aru Islands Sugarcane Plantations

Sugarcane plantation area of ​​15,000 hectares (HA) will be developed in the district of Aru Islands, Maluku Province, said Head of Forestry, Agriculture, Plantation and local farming, Minggus Limahelu. "One of the venture capital investment firms in the domestic and foreign have recommended Maluku Governor Karel Albert Ralahalu for the release of a permit by the Ministry of Forestry (MoF) Zukifli Hasan," he said in Ambon on Friday. 

People Aru Modern

Intense Aru Islands regency Promote Tourism

County Government Sula Islands, North Maluku, vigorous mempromosikankekayaan in the tourism sector to attract tourists to visit tourist attractions in the area keobjek.
Head of Tourism Regency Kepualauan Sula, Maryam Yusuf, in Ternate, on Wednesday, said it is now heavily promoting kekayaanpariwisata Sula Islands, through various promotions, especially melaluilagu-folk songs with background location of tourism.
"We've made a few albums lokasipariwisata background areas as promotion to the wider community," he said
In addition, he said, panorama and beauty tourism itujuga region has shown over the internet.
He said, in addition to having a rich natural potential, like other natural resources, and land alamlaut. Potensipariwisata Sula Islands also has a beautiful nature.

In the Aru Islands Fisheries

The number of fishermen in the district of Aru Islands as 18,519 lives by 1167 the number of fishermen as a group, while the number of fleet / ship arrest as many as 2849 units consisting of fleet / vessel size <5 GT as many as 2213 pieces, GT 6-30 and as many as 576 pieces up to 30 GT as many as 60 pieces. While the amount of fishing gear with as many as 20,161 units of the dominant species is fishing (hand line), gill nets (gill nets), traps (traps), sero (portable), and ring nets (purse seine).
Capture fisheries production Aru Islands in 2009 amounted to 84.23% or 61,713.89 tons of total fisheries production Aru Islands in 2009 which consisted of small pelagic amounted to 14965.51 tons, large pelagic by 19. 467.11 tons, demersal and shrimp at 12933.02 tonnes by 4615, 97 tons.

Existing Scenic Tourist Islands Aru

The people in it exhibit diverse expression, probably because of the many immigrants want to speculate at this place.A wide range of marine products is tempting, Dobo small town I've ever stepped on, to just serve and, trying to feel life is very far from the hustle and bustle.As a division of Southeast Maluku regency, Aru Islands is a small island, on the map looks like a miniature rhombus, there seems strokes straits connecting the sea and rivers, all of which stores various kinds of marine resources, such as pearls, crabs, fish eggs, shark fins, different types of snails, agar cultivation and sebagaianya.As a small island of the expanse of surrounding villages Dobo, villages were performed with a diverse tourism potential.

Wonders in the Aru Islands

TRULY remarkable miraculous powers Aru Islands in the Moluccas. The Europeans since the 18th century already visited the place. In fact, the diversity of flora and fauna inspired a biologist, Alfred Russel Wallace, wrote his The Malay Archipelago (1932). The trail stopover European people can still be found there. For example, relics of the Old Town on the island fortress Wokam. Fort that still leaves traces of the building, although some parts were cracked and collapsed. "This Portuguese fort, which is evidence of the history when the struggle for independence first," explained Destha T Raharjana.Destha be one member of the expedition Center for Tourism Studies (Puspar) UGM to the Aru Islands. Other team members, and Kurnia Wijaya Ladampa. In some other parts, they found some evidence of the building which has a function of the time. Such functions as a warehouse, kitchen, or a place to rest.Aru area, said Destha, also known as the producer of the dollar due to its natural wealth.

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Nowadays fisheries business activities often done especially by the fisherman using fishery large-scale boats in the Aru Islands ocean.

But unfortunately the more of those activities are done illegaly, like utilization of the wrong fishing equipments such as trawol etc. 

Public description about Aru Island Ditrict Maluku Province

Aru Islands is an archipelago known as the "Nusa Mutiara", is the result of the expansion of Southeast Maluku district pursuant to Act Number. 40 of 2003 with Dobo as overseeing the Capital District 7 District, 117 villages, 2 villages and 8 village children. The total area of ​​54 395 km2 land area consists of 6325 km2 and a sea of ​​48,070 km2 (88.30%). This district is a cluster typology of small islands totaling 547 characteristically oceanic islands which 87 islands have been uninhabited. Aru Islands also has a number of outer islands bordering to neighboring countries (Australia) by 8 pieces (Presidential Decree No. 78 Year 2005).

In Astronomical located between 50-90 LS and 1340 to 1350 BT with geographical boundaries are: south to the Arafura Sea, north of the southern part of Papua, east to the south west Papua and the eastern part of the island of Kei Besar and Arafura sea.

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