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Regent Aru Islands and delegation consisting of the Chief Council, Secretary of the Council, the Regional Secretariat, Head Bappeda, Kadis PU, Kadis Ministry of National Education and Sports and Executive Director of Regional development Institute (RDI) has traveled to the Netherlands on 19 s / d 22 February 2009 . Visit intended to discuss the formation of Sister City District Aru Islands and the city of Urk.

During the visits received by the Mayor's delegation Mr Urk. J. District Secretary Mr Kroon Urk. M. Bogerd and Mr. Mayor Napel Ph.ten dedicated staff.

Aru Islands regency and the city has a number of similarities Urk become strong foundation for cooperation sister city. Urk is a coastal town, a harbor and a strong infrastructure as the biggest fish distribution center in Europe, many manufacturing enterprises have ships, have superiority in the fish processing industry. Urk position as the city is also the main attraction beach attractions. The population reached 18,000 souls Urk. While the District is a coastal town of Aru Islands, most of the people working in the fisheries sector and marine products such as pearl, seaweed, and shellfish. The population reached 78,000 Aru.


Potential cooperation could dieksplor among other marketing fishery products and marine products from the Aru Islands regency Urk leveraging the role of the city as a distribution center of Europe's largest fish, the fishing capacity building, transfer of technology and knowledge in the areas of capture, storage and processing of fish .

Good regent or mayor Aru Islands Urk was pleased with the sister city dibentuknya Aru-Urk. Hoped that such cooperation would be beneficial in improving the well-being of their respective communities, encouraging business-to-Business Cooperation and inter-community relations. Furthermore both the district leaders signed Letter of Intent to the formation of twins.

During the meeting, Embassy deliver that signing the LOI is a good first step and is expected to be followed up with concrete programs and activities and doable. Therefore, activities and programs have to be designed to be implemented with a clear time table. Business to business and people to people needs to be improved, among others in the commercial fishery products and marine products that are beneficial and profitable on both sides. Urk Aru hopefully benefit as a result of fish and sea distribution and otherwise exploit Urk Aru as one of the suppliers for the products in question.


With the establishment of Sister City between the District and the City of Urk Aru Islands, the current in the Netherlands have been there 5 (five) sister city namely, 1) Jakarta Rottterdam, 2) Apeldoorn-Banda Aceh, 3)-Vlisingen Ambon, 4) Karo-Zundert and 5) District and the City of Urk Aru Islands.

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