Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

150 Travellers Europe Scheduled Visit Dobo

MV. Clipper Odyssey, a cruise ship carrying 150 tourists from Europe scheduled stop in Banana Island attractions, Aru Islands, Maluku, in December 2010.

"The schedule we have received tourist visits and foreign tourists will be sailing from the island of Papua Asmat Banana kenindahan to enjoy natural scenery in Aru," said the head of culture and Parisata Aru Islands, William Bothmir are calling from Ambon on Wednesday.

The tourists from Europe will be enjoying their vacation for four hours on the island adjacent to the village Durjela, and then will continue on to the island of Tanimbar, West Southeast Maluku regency.

To welcome foreign tourists visit this plan, the Department of Culture and Tourism Aru has coordinated with agencies / institutions, including the head of the village and sub-district Durjela Aru Islands.

Coordination is intended to prepare a variety of traditional dances typical of the Aru Durjela and souvenirs to offer to the tourists, including improving existing recreation facilities in Banana Island.

"Recreation facilities are prepared and organized as possible and people should also provide a variety of local handicrafts from the traditional to the king exhibited at the tourist presence," he said.

According to William, 150 foreign tourists is scheduled to arrive on December 11, 2010 in Banana Island, which is one of the mainstay of the district and the Aru Islands.

Although a visit just for four hours, local government and local communities want to display a variety of cultures and local handicraft products to cause a positive impression for tourists.

"Because the use of foreign tourists visit this luxury yacht as well as an important moment for us to further promote the diverse potential of culture and society as well as objects Aru tourism to national and international communities

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