Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Intense Aru Islands regency Promote Tourism

County Government Sula Islands, North Maluku, vigorous mempromosikankekayaan in the tourism sector to attract tourists to visit tourist attractions in the area keobjek.
Head of Tourism Regency Kepualauan Sula, Maryam Yusuf, in Ternate, on Wednesday, said it is now heavily promoting kekayaanpariwisata Sula Islands, through various promotions, especially melaluilagu-folk songs with background location of tourism.
"We've made a few albums lokasipariwisata background areas as promotion to the wider community," he said
In addition, he said, panorama and beauty tourism itujuga region has shown over the internet.
He said, in addition to having a rich natural potential, like other natural resources, and land alamlaut. Potensipariwisata Sula Islands also has a beautiful nature.

In addition, the Sula Islands have some untapped potential, particularly for some sub-districts in three islands in Kepsul.
A number of attractions can be a tourist attraction, the AirKalimat and Sand Dog in Jorjoga, Mount Kukusang and Goa Mananga Taliabu diKecamatan West, Fat Fina Koa (Ms. Stone) in District MangoleTimur, Fort Alting and some relics of the Portuguese in Sanana.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Parliament Kepsul, Zainal Mus, when dikonfirmasimenyatakan, Sula Islands have not been dipromosikansecara natural wealth intact and the local district government remains weak in giving information to the public danpromosi.
Yet tergarapnya some tourism, create PAD can be obtained from pariwisatabelum well. Although his head was berusahasemaksimal SKPD possible. So also with the issue of the budget.
To that end, the budget amendment should be no consideration peningkatananggaran for the Department, relating to the activities of Sail Indonesia diMorotai. Regency should see and be able to give more budget baikkepada tourism, so that the potential can be sold, "he said.
"We hope that in 2012 local government launched a movement of tourism in Kepsul untukdapat promote tourism, in order to attract interest and foreign tourists visiting wisatawandomestic Kepsul," he said.

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