Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Existing Scenic Tourist Islands Aru

The people in it exhibit diverse expression, probably because of the many immigrants want to speculate at this place.A wide range of marine products is tempting, Dobo small town I've ever stepped on, to just serve and, trying to feel life is very far from the hustle and bustle.As a division of Southeast Maluku regency, Aru Islands is a small island, on the map looks like a miniature rhombus, there seems strokes straits connecting the sea and rivers, all of which stores various kinds of marine resources, such as pearls, crabs, fish eggs, shark fins, different types of snails, agar cultivation and sebagaianya.As a small island of the expanse of surrounding villages Dobo, villages were performed with a diverse tourism potential.

 The loveliest is rocking stone, because we would have disclosed keindhan sea, beach and various types of birds flying low, especially in the afternoon ahead.Fishermen rocking stone is very brave, supposedly on the west wind, where sea waves reaching 3 to 4 feet, the fishing was still dare to sea.When in this place there is a pent-pearl, then you can just visit and meet some people, just to see the beauty of pearls tied to gold, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and beads.Of course the price is a bit skewed, because they sell close to the first source of sales.When I was there, the contrast visible difference between the activities of the natives aru and newcomers, the newcomers they will be busy as civil servants, traders and businessmen.While the natives, remain as fishermen, farmers, and partly served as a powerful native son. Thereby balancing their lives.As a health worker, sad seeing their lives. In health care is plagued many things, especially the problems of communication and public habit. They tend to assume some of the diseases caused by infected jinn and myth indigenous forces. At the same ancestors alone.Living with adjacent, and depending on the nature bolah be a cause, as some areas in Kalimantan and other remote places, here education has not enlighten them.Rituals down as a fisherman sailing celebrated with a traditional feast, semikian also when the harvest has arrived, they celebrated with the same activities, traditional feast.Chiefs will lead the ritual, muttering in a language we do not understand, say race gratitude for having successfully faced 'in search' or a month to earn a living.They are looking for depends on natural conditions, which are generally divided into two, namely the west and the east, the villages who live on the east coast as they considered the moon looking west, and vice versa. Which are caused by natural conditions should be friendly, seamless high waves.Dive to the ocean floor is the work of a skilled fisherman, they dive for pearls, taripang, and other marine products. Taripang is the main target of these fishermen, although they will take anything valuable in there underwater.Dobo district capital, we can go around this small town for about 1 hour just to run a small, very small town. Because Dobo is the capital of the district where the pulse of the economy in the run, market and transaction center crop progress.The fishermen and villagers usually going into town after harvest, sell temuanya at sea, and the purchase of basic commodities, most of them spent his hard work with alcohol and not a few were lying limp in there, in the localization provided by the local government psk.tourism potential of this area is neglected, even though some of my friends never show off photos in this tualangnya trail, beach-panatai white sand, the islands are still virgin, bersileweran up in the boundary waters of Australia there.Even some of the beautiful island, often visited by foreigners who entered peraiaran Indonesis. Dunno they entered legally or non-legally, I do not understand.But definitely there is beautiful scenery, untouched Indonesian government hands, this is the picture that how the islands are nameless and beautiful it was vulnerable to claims by neighboring countries.This small town, leaving many memories, mingle with the people who are still underdeveloped, as they slept wrapped in silence, only the wind that was so cool every day we breathe the scent without pollution, our eyes will be amazed at the sight, especially the beautiful beaches.

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